The Future Is in the Package

Renewable and robust. Recyclable and stylish. Collectable and innovative.

This is Jospak®, the cardboard tray for sustainable food industry.

The Change Begins Here

The beginning for a larger change lies in novel innovations. The idea behind Jospak® is to keep food products fresh with a minimal environmental footprint. Here’s how it works.


Your Cardboard Tray for a Friendlier Future


Friendly for Food

Above all, Jospak® tray is safe. Our high barrier solution can take on even the most durable plastic trays in keeping the contents fresh. That means longer shelf life and less food waste.


Friendly for the Consumer

In addition to a pleasant meal, the consumer can feel even better about their purchase when the package is recyclable. The plastic film is easy to remove, and the cardboard is clean for recycling.


Friendly for Your Brand

Jospak® provides plenty of printable space for your brand imagery if needed, and without extra stickers and sleeves. These trays really stand out from the shelf. Our selection of different shapes and sizes is expanding.


Friendly for Your Business

In a world where more and more consumers consider environmental aspects, such a simple thing as a recyclable, fiber-based package can make a great impact in their decisions – and in your revenue.


Friendly for the Environment

Compared to an aluminium or plastic tray, Jospak’s life cycle is environmentally friendlier. We are doing our utmost to reduce waste. Jospak® is here to offer a smooth and economically sound switch to sustainable food packaging.

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